"I want all my life to be an adventure,"
Pat's 19 year old cycling friend from Japan, Kinta, as they rode together in British Columbia, 1990.

1993 found both Pat and Cat emerging from devastating divorces and in dire financial straits. They found each other and set off on the process of rebuilding, together. She had the administrative background; he came from sales and sales management. Along with friend, Terry Tintorri, they formed Patterson & Tintorri Realtors. It was often hand to mouth but somehow they were able to lift themselves up by their bootstraps. Pat, who had ridden his bicycle around the world, talked constantly about his dream to cycle AFRICA. Cat bought in and they began to plan a trip that has expanded into an "Around the World Odyssey."

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Born in the sleepy burg of Bonners Ferry, Idaho back in 1939, (Yes he is actually 62) Pat's family moved around the hills of Idaho then landed in Spokane Washington where he started school. As a freshman in high school, he was upset when his family uprooted him but now concedes that it was a great gift. The move in 1953 to California held some initial culture shock but led to tremendous opportunity.

Out of high school in 1957, he fell into a career in retail grocery. In a bold move, he left the chain stores and established Jiminny Markets in Boron, California in 1965. While there he purchased the old mine Superintendent's house from U. S. Borax and moved it into town. During that process he began to learn about property ownership and that led to a Real Estate license in 1970 and a career that would span more than 30 years.

Seeking advancement Pat transferred from Santa Barbara to Ventura County with a large Realty firm as branch manager in 1974. Moving up the corporate ladder, he became Regional Sales Manager in 1976. In 1979 he formed Patterson & Silvernale Realtors which he operated for 9 years.

Burnout and a yearning for adventure led to his 2-year Voyage around the world by bicycle in 1988-1990. (See Pat's Book) As a friend had warned, lift off would be much easier than re-entry. The devastation of divorce and the recession in real estate had left him at a low ebb when Catherine entered his life in 1993. She walked up and said, "Dance with me." When he responded that he was with someone she spoke her most famous line, "I didn't ask you to marry me, I just asked for a dance!" They danced, it felt right, and the rest is history.
Pat awarded The Realtor, Broker/Owner of the year award on January 18, 2002.

Patterson has held membership in five Realtor Associations and was President of The Ventura County Coastal Association of Realtors in 1999. He also achieved the designations, Graduate Realtors Institute and Certified Real Estate Broker Manager. He was recently honored by his peers as Realtor, Broker-Manager of the year, 2001. Pat's community involvement included, President of The Ventura County Economic Development Association, Chair of The Business Outlook Conference as well as 7 year Board Member and Board Chairman for 1 years with The Coalition to End Domestic and Sexual Violence. (Peace in the Home, the Streets then the World)

Knuckles rubs it right!

Pat's hobbies include jogging and cycling but his love of music and the formation of Acadiana Cajun and Zydeco Band by Real Estate partner, Terry Tintorri, became his passion. For eight years, they performed from San Francisco to San Diego to Bishop's Mill Pond Festival. They played to small crowds at first but their following grew fast. Even appearances 7 and 8 years running at events like the Long Beach and the Simi Valley Cajun and Zydeco festivals to crowds in excess of 8,000 a day. Listen to "Scratch" (The Rub-board song)

Pat has two daughters, Lori and Stephanie, who both joined him during legs of his Voyage back in 88-90. Lori and her husband Dave are quintessential Yuppies of Orange County CA. Stephanie is the struggling single mom of Pat's 3 grandkids, Timothy, Patrick and Aubrie.

"My goal," says Pat, "is to get to know as many people of the world as possible and share their stories and lives. A friend in the Soviet Union told me that Russians have a saying that translates "It is hard to hunt the man you know." My dream is that our Odyssey will help more of us know our global neighbors. Peace is possible, it is hard to kill the man you know!"

Peace without freedom is tasteless, freedom without peace is bitter,
We must achieve a balanced diet if we are to enjoy the fruits of life.

-Pat Patterson, on the road in India, 1989


Catherine Anne Welch was born to Earl and Glenys in 1953. Having only one older brother, Jeff, she was well cared for, perhaps even slightly pampered. Because she was too young, she missed out on her parent's globe circling trip in 1958. Seeing the 8mm movies Earl shot in so many exotic places warmed her desire to one-day travel, too. Being 6 years younger than Jeff, she was soon in a second child, only child situation. This helped her develop the independent streak that urges her to get out into the world and experience it, thoroughly.

Catherine attended San Diego State University, graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree. She and her classmate, Anne Smith then traveled Europe for 6 months, on their own, in a rented car. With a limited budget and language skills they made their way throughout the Continent including an adventurous sojourn, for two single young western women, into Turkey.

Catherine's career path has been varied. She worked with Air France then became publisher of the magazine, Freebies. During her publishing tenure she represented Freebies on national television appearing on numerous television and radio shows including Good Morning America on ABC. In 1985 she helped form a computer firm and managed it for the next 7 years. They sold, installed and maintained systems for clients ranging from major Law Firms on Wilshire Blvd. to the US Government.

Divorced and trying to recompose her life she attended a party at the Tower Club, Ventura County's nicest dining spot. She walked up to a tall, graying guy and said, "Dance with me." Not taking no for an answer, they danced into a romantic courtship followed by marriage. Pat moved his stories, thousands of pictures and 103 hours of video of his Bicycle Voyage around the World into her life and it has never been the same since.

In 1993 they opened Patterson & Tintorri Realtors and grew it into a major Real Estate market force in west Ventura County over the next 9 years. They set off on that adventure in 500 square feet of office space with 5 Realtor Associates. Within 2 years they expanded into 2500 square feet and served 25 Associates. Catherine managed the firm's administrative functions and established a solid Real Estate Sales Career at the same time.
Cat tries to escape from the hospital

HEART ATTACK? How can a person who jogs 6 miles 5 days a week and eats only veggies have a heart attack? It runs against everything that modern medical science preaches. On October 11, 2000 Cat defied the norm and had "the big one." What an experience! Life, even in an ICCU, took on a whole new meaning. It once again brought home the reality that life is impermanent and there are no guarantees. It was a real wake up call. Perhaps it was the motivator that moved Pat & Cat to hit the road.

Her hobbies include boating, competition sailing, and golf. Since meeting Pat she has added running, cycling and Cajun/Zydeco dancing. Catherine gamely has served as the marketing arm of Acadiana. She carried a tray on a strap around her neck to almost every performance and sold CD's, T-shirts, earrings and Zydeco ties.

It was during one of those gigs that Terry Tintorri began to call her, "Cat with a rack," as he identified her to the crowd. The name "CAT" stuck. It rhymed with PAT, they decided to call themselves Pat & Cat as they circumnavigate the globe.
Cat with a rack

"I trust Pat," says Cat, "but I needed some practice in cycling with bags, moving almost every day and tent camping at the end of a tough day." "He wanted to cycle Africa, so we compromised, we will bike across America touch the south shore of Greenland then sachet through Europe before diving into the Dark Continent. Once we had made that decision, the idea of touching the Continent of Antarctica then coming home by riding north through South America was simple."

Cat's goal is to stay healthy, survive, grow and enjoy the trip. Her concerns include the health of her parents and financing The Odyssey. "Pat and I are a great team," she states, "we can overcome all obstacles, we're prepared for the challenge!"

"That which we conceive and truly believe, we will achieve!"
-Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill.


After completing his Bicycle Voyage Around the World in 1990 Pat worked with a developer friend as a consultant then managed offices for two different Franchise Realty firms. In 1993 he and his partner Catherine along with friend, Terry Tintorri, opened Patterson & Tintorri Realtors. They started on a shoestring and struggled for the first four years. Determination and lots of long hours eventually paid off. Pat and Cat decided not to hire employees. She managed all of the administrative functions and Pat covered the Brokerage responsibilities.

They grew the business from 500 square feet and five associates to 2500 feet of office space and 25 top flight Realtors. Part of their success was due to their location at Fisherman's Wharf on the Channel Islands Harbor in Oxnard, California.

Pat and Cat worked for a year trying to find a Real Estate firm or person that they could trust with the people that they had come to think of as family, their Realtor Associates. Finally, they began to discuss the possibilities with Richard and Joanie Young. Joanie is an outgoing, high visibility Broker and great leader of the independent realty firm, Young Realtors. Once Pat and Cat got to know them, the decision was and easy one.


From left, Richard Young, Joan Young, Pat Patterson, Catherine Patterson.