Languages of the World
Our first experience dealing with a language foreign to us was in French Canada. The real difficulty began in Greenland where they speak a form of Inuit and Danish. Once in Copenhagen, with the help of our friend, Toke, the idea of comparing languages was born.

There are now more than 30 "Languages of the World" for you to compare, experience and see how difficult language can be!

Movie: DANISH, "You Must be Crazy!" 0:08
Movie: NORWEGIAN, "You Must be Crazy!" 0:10
 Movie: SWEDISH "You Must Be Crazy" 0:12
Movie: FINNISH "You Must Be Crazy" 0:09
Movie: PORTUGESE, You Must Be Crazy! 0:13
Movie: HINDI: You Must Be Crazy
Movie: SPANISH: You Must Be Crazy!
Movie: LATVIAN: You Must Be Crazy!
Movie: RUSSIAN: "You Must Be Crazy!
Movie: LITHUANIAN: "You Must Be Crazy!"
Movie: POLISH: "You Must Be Crazy!"
"You Must Be Crazy!" Polish II
You must be Crazy, Take 1,  German
You must be Crazy, Take 2,  German
Angus, "You must be Crazy" Scotch/Irish
"You Must Be Crazy", Arabic 
"You Must Be Crazy", Diloa
"You Must Be Crazy", Crioulo
" You Must Be Crazy", Sou sou

"You Must Be Crazy", Lebanese Arabic

You Must Be Crazy-Twi
You must be crazy, Medumbx
You Must Be Crazy - Maasai

You Must Be Crazy," Swahili 

"You Must Be Crazy," Tsonga
"You Must Be Crazy," Afrikaans

"You Must Be Crazy," Chichewa

"You Must Be Crazy," Shona

"You Must Be Crazy," Afrikaans

"You Must Be Crazy," Xhosa

"You Must Be Crazy", Pigeon Guinea

"You Must Be Crazy!" Amyara

"You Must Be Crazy," Chinese

"You Must Be Crazy," Quechua
"You Must be Crazy" Sirinaams Tongo
"You Must be Crazy" Taki Taki
"You Must be Crazy" Creole & French
"You Must Be Crazy" Mayan