Click on the route to view regional maps of places they have been and the places they are headed toward. Enjoy the sights and sounds, people, places, hiways and byways they have visited. Perhaps join the ride when they're in your neighborhood.


You know the best places and the people that Pat & Cat should visit when they're in your area. Let them know if you have a spot where they can pitch their tent or an extra room to share as they pass by.

"We want to see it all but the real experience will be the people."

"Thanks for all your help."

WorldRiders2 World Route:

Leg 1: Oxnard, California to Salt Lake City, Utah
  Section 1: Oxnard, CA to San Francisco, CA  posted 5/1/02
  Section 2: San Francisco, CA to Salt Lake City, UT  posted 6/25/02
Leg 2: Salt Lake City, Utah to Sioux Falls, South Dakota
  Section 1: Salt Lake City, UT to Casper, WY  posted 7/4/02
  Section 2: Casper, WY to Sioux Falls, SD  posted 7/21/02
Leg 3: Sioux Falls, South Dakota to Detroit, Michigan
  Section 1: Sioux Falls, SD to Chicago, IL  posted 8/16//02
  Section 2: Chicago, IL to Detroit, MI  posted 8/16/02
Leg 4: Detroit, Michigan to Quebec City, Canada
  Section 1: Detroit, MI to Toronto, Canada  posted 9/19//02
  Section 2: Toronto, Ontario, Canada to Quebec City, Canada  posted 9/19/02, updated 10/4/02
Leg 5: Greenland
  Section 1: Greenland  posted 10/7/02
Leg 6: Scandinavia
  Section 1: Scandinavia  posted 11/7/02
Leg 7: Portugal & Spain & Europe
  Section 1: Portugal (Pat's been hit by a truck!)  posted 11/14/02
  Section 2: Portugal  posted 1/15/03
  Section 3: North Portugal  posted 1/28/03
  Section 4: Spain  posted 2/24/03
  Section 5: Spain to Sweden  posted 4/1/03
Leg 8: Finland and Russia
  Section 1: Finland and Russia  posted 5/10/03
Leg 9: Eastern Europe
  Section 1: Eastern Europe  posted 7/10/03
Leg 10: Western Europe
  Section 1: Western Europe  posted 7/28/03
Leg 11: France and Spain
  Section 1: France and Spain  posted 8/30/03
Leg 12: France and Spain
  Section 1: Spain  posted 10/18/03
Leg 13: Morocco
  Section 1: Morocco posted 10/20/03
Leg 14: Africa
  Section 1: Agadir to Dakar posted 12/4/03
  Section 2: Dakar, Senegal to Conakry, Guinea, posted 1/1/04
  Section 3: Conakry, Guinea to Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, posted 2/10/04
  Section 4: Kilimanjaro, Tanzania to Malawi, posted 3/27/04
  Section 5: Malawa to South Africa, posted 5/28/04
  Section 6: South Africa, posted 8/1/04
Leg 15: South America
  Section 1: Argentina to Brazil posted 8/13/04
  Section 2: Brazil and Argentina posted 9/28/04
  Section 3: Ushuaia to Esquel Argentina, includes Patagonia posted 11/6/04
  Section 4: Esquel  to Mendoza Argentina, includes Northern Patagonia posted 12/18/04
  Section 5: Mendoza Argentina to JuJuy Argentina, posted 1/17/05
  Section 6: JuJuy Argentina to Copacabana Bolivia, posted 3/27/05
  Section 7: Copacabana Bolivia to Lima Peru, posted 5/27/05
  Section 8: Lima Peru to The Galapagos Islands, Ecuador, posted 7/21/05
  Section 9: The Galapagos Islands, Ecuador to The Amazon, posted 7/31/05
  Section 10: Amazon to Columbia, posted 9/25/05
Leg 16: Central America
  Section 1: Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua & Honduras, posted 10/29/05
  Section 2: Cuba, Belize and the Yucatan, Mexico, posted 12/19/05
  Section 3: The Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico, posted 2/7/06
  Section 4: Cycling in Mexico, posted 2/22/06
  Section 5: Back to the USA, posted 5/30/06
The Year After The Trip
  It Ain't Easy Being Normal, posted 3/1/07