Life after WorldRiders2

Life After WorldRiders2

Today we received an e-mail from a woman we met in Portugal and Genesis, our guide at Mount Kilimanjaro. These wonderful messages trickle in, 2 to 4 daily. This Worldwide link to wonderful humanity is best of the best of our Bicycle trip Around the World. They continue to confirm our feelings that most people are good people. We thank you.

The question is always similar, "How are you adjusting to NORMAL life"?

We're still planning on one final edition of our website chronically the transition. In the mean time we want all our friends to know that we are well. (Pat has been struggling with knee pain and Cat is having a "suspect mole" removed from her back, otherwise healthy and happy.) Our lives, like most of yours, are dedicated to daily tasks but we're formulating ideas that we hope will lead to a better understanding of our fellow travelers on this tiny planet EARTH.

Wine + Pizza = LIFE

If or when you pass through Southern California we hope that you'll save a little time to visit us. We love re-unions. On our recent driving trip to Northern California we met with several, met on the road, who will remain life long friends. Well, come to think of it, you're all life long friends. So, even if fate doesn't allow getting together again let's make sure that we stay in touch via e-mail!

We'll try to post our "Return Pages" within the next 30 days.

Love to all, Pat & Cat Patterson

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