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Sept. 11, 2023
We are excited to have our website back up and running. It's been 21 years since we began our 4 year adventure around the world! In the last few years we've written 4 books, and have youtube videos that coordinate with one of the books. Please email us for more information.
Enjoy our journals!

What are Pat & Cat up to Now?

  Pat and Cat's book, The African Dream (Bicycling Beyond Boundaries Book 1), captures their journey in both Morocco and Africa. The book is available in both paperback and kindle format from Amazon. The book covers the 265 days and almost 5,000 miles they covered in Africa.

  Pat and Cat are blogging now, with their own blog at Click the link and check it out when you have a minute.

We've put together this little video highlighting our journeys around the world by bicycle. We are seeking a Documentary Producer or Investors interested in the more than 100 hours of video and thousands of photos taken during the past 20 years while traveling on our bikes.
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In 2010, Pat and Cat were Bicycling the Heartland!

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As you can see on our map, we will take a circular route through more than 10 countries.
We estimate 4,000 miles and will take our time, hoping to finish in 6 months.
We will reorganize our website so that you may follow along and stay in contact. Fewer words, more photos, videos and interaction, too.

SO, welcome aboard The Southeast Asian SLOW BUT SURE TOUR!

Yep, we're off to see the world, again. Well at least a small part of it.
Originally scheduled to depart on November 1, 2001 we have been delayed.
Cat's mom had surgery and while recovering she contracted pneumonia. At age 87 it's not easy but she is making progress. So we're in a holding pattern,
working to get her back to good health and to help find them a new lifestyle. 
Our current lift-off plans have been rescheduled to December 1, 2008.


An Around The World Bicycle Odyssey

Pat and Cat and CNN!
Pat and Cat are on, with a wonderful article, interactive map, and photo slide show of their journey.
They'd like to share this with you ... as their story is really about YOU!

Read about it here:

Pat & Cat are making plans and they hope that they include YOU. Just click here to join their LIST OF FRIENDS OF THE WORLD.

So many things have transpired in these past 2 years. Yes, Pat & Cat completed their epic "Around the World Journey" two years ago on March 11th. They continue to work diligently, writing the stories of the road and experimenting with their pictures.

They plan to have a book in print, soon! Also, they're preparing for an Exclusive Exhibition of WorldRiders2 Photography in April.

There's even talk of an appearance on a popular TV Show.

AND, of course they are completing plans for their next Adventure, Cycling Southeast Asia. So, if you're not on their LIST of FRIENDS, get on board, now.

Our thanks to Dany, the young Spaniard we met in Cuba. He made us promise to make the last chapter of our Journal the story of returning to normal life. An even bigger thanks to Sheila, a gal we met in Monterey, California in 2002, during the first month of our Odyssey. Her recent e-mail reminded us of the promise. She said, "I've read every entry of your trip. You promised us a final installment on returning home, where is it? As of now, the journal feels like a book that's had the last chapter ripped from it"!

  1430 Days Around the World on Bicycles
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It Ain't Easy Being Normal, posted 3/17/07
Other journal entries are here
Check out the Languages of the World section!

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  • Did Cat really have a heart attack?
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Leg 1: Oxnard, California to Salt Lake City, Utah
  Section 1: Oxnard, CA to San Francisco, CA  posted 5/1/02
  Section 2: San Francisco, CA to Salt Lake City, UT  posted 6/25/02
Leg 2: Salt Lake City, Utah to Sioux Falls, South Dakota
  Section 1: Salt Lake City, UT to Casper, WY  posted 7/4/02
  Section 2: Casper, WY to Sioux Falls, SD  posted 7/21/02
Leg 3: Sioux Falls, South Dakota to Detroit, Michigan
  Section 1: Sioux Falls, SD to Chicago, IL  posted 8/16//02
  Section 2: Chicago, IL to Detroit, MI  posted 8/16/02
Leg 4: Detroit, Michigan to Quebec City, Canada
  Section 1: Detroit, MI to Toronto, Canada  posted 9/19//02
  Section 2: Toronto, Ontario, Canada to Quebec City, Canada  posted 9/19/02, updated 10/4/02
Leg 5: Greenland
  Section 1: Greenland  posted 10/7/02
Leg 6: Scandinavia
  Section 1: Scandinavia  posted 11/7/02
Leg 7: Portugal & Spain & Europe
  Section 1: Portugal (Pat's been hit by a truck!)  posted 11/14/02
  Section 2: Portugal  posted 1/15/03
  Section 3: North Portugal  posted 1/28/03
  Section 4: Spain  posted 2/24/03
  Section 5: Spain to Sweden  posted 4/1/03
Leg 8: Finland and Russia
  Section 1: Finland and Russia  posted 5/10/03
Leg 9: Eastern Europe
  Section 1: Eastern Europe  posted 7/10/03
Leg 10: Western Europe
  Section 1: Western Europe  posted 7/28/03
Leg 11: France and Spain
  Section 1: France and Spain  posted 8/30/03
Leg 12: France and Spain
  Section 1: Spain  posted 10/18/03
Leg 13 and 14: Morocco and Africa
  Book - The African Dream (Bicycling Beyond Boundaries Book 1)   Pat and Cat's book, The African Dream, captures their journey in both Morocco and Africa. The book is available in both paperback and kindle format from Amazon. The book covers the 265 days and almost 5,000 miles they covered in Africa.
Leg 13: Morocco
  Section 1: Morocco posted 10/20/03
Leg 14: Africa
  Section 1: Agadir to Dakar posted 12/4/03
  Section 2: Dakar, Senegal to Conakry, Guinea, posted 1/1/04
  Section 3: Conakry, Guinea to Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, posted 2/10/04
  Section 4: Kilimanjaro, Tanzania to Malawi, posted 3/27/04
  Section 5: Malawa to South Africa, posted 5/28/04
  Section 6: South Africa, posted 8/1/04
Leg 15: South America
  Section 1: Argentina to Brazil posted 8/13/04
  Section 2: Brazil and Argentina posted 9/28/04
  Section 3: Ushuaia to Esquel Argentina, includes Patagonia posted 11/6/04
  Section 4: Esquel  to Mendoza Argentina, includes Northern Patagonia posted 12/18/04
  Section 5: Mendoza Argentina to JuJuy Argentina, posted 1/17/05
  Section 6: JuJuy Argentina to Copacabana Bolivia, posted 3/27/05
  Section 7: Copacabana Bolivia to Lima Peru, posted 5/27/05
  Section 8: Lima Peru to The Galapagos Islands, Ecuador, posted 7/21/05
  Section 9: The Galapagos Islands, Ecuador to The Amazon, posted 7/31/05
  Section 10: Amazon to Columbia, posted 9/25/05
Leg 16: Central America
  Section 1: Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua & Honduras, posted 10/29/05
  Section 2: Cuba, Belize and the Yucatan, Mexico, posted 12/19/05
  Section 3: The Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico, posted 2/7/06
  Section 4: Cycling in Mexico, posted 2/22/06
  Section 5: Back to the USA, posted 5/30/06
A Year After The Trip
  It Ain't Easy Being Normal, posted 3/17/07


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